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Introduction - Peter Salzano

Welcome to the official webpage of Peter Salzano an exceptional playwright and blogger. With the fondness of reading and listening to stories, from the very beginning, he knew about his interest.

Peter J Salzano chose playwriting to express his feelings and started writing very early. He knew, only writing can give wings to his imagination.

William Shakespeare’s plays have inspired Peter to write the best dramas of his life. Being an English major he was familiar with his love for reading books and writing.

Peter Salzano Playwright Tips
Peter Salzano - Playwright

Here you’ll find all the resources related to his old and new work. Through his career in playwriting, he explains various helpful tips and tricks to conquer the art of playwriting. 

Writing over 40 masterpieces, Peter Salzano’s aim is to encourage the young generation. His main aim is to inspire people with his artistic work.

The practice of reading books influenced his life and helped him his career.

With a simple naturalistic art of writing, he happens to have a large number of fan following.

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