How to Become a Successful Playwright – Peter Salzano

According to Peter Salzano an established playwright & blogger “playwriting is not something you’ll learn in a day, it is a gradual process of learning”. It’s not necessarily the day you start writing, the same day you’ll get the recognition therefore following are some tips by peter that will guide you in your journey from being an amateur to professional.

Read a Lot of Books 

In playwriting, it is important to give words to your imagination. Reading books helps a lot in

playing with the script and adding fun elements to the play. Books assist you in writing creative plays.

Go Out Occasionally to Watch Plays

Playwriting needs inspiration, therefore theatre-going is important for playwrights. By going to the plays you get to know about the technicality behind it and the way the drama unfolds. These plays can add to the skills of amateur playwrights.


Peter j Salzano believes in order to stand out from other playwrights you need to present something to the audience that makes your writing unique. Give your mind the liberty to imagine and create something creative that would help you get the recognition. In addition, according to him choosing one particular niche is another way to make yourself different.

Get inspired by other playwrights

Follow different playwrights and start following their work, this will help you in writing great plays. Connect with different playwrights online through social media and exchange views, opinions with them.

Write everyday

Lastly, Peter Salzano recommends the playwrights to write every day even if it is one page or one paragraph. This practice will never let you down in your playwriting career. He believes that at different times there is a different flow of ideas that can be useful in writing your piece.

The above tips by Peter Salzano will help you write and will definitely make you more confident while writing the script.