Peter J Salzano – What Is Playwriting And It’s Types.

Playwriting is the process of writing dramas and plays. According to Peter Salzano who is an established playwright, voice actor, and blogger “Writing a play is an exceptional art”. If you are new to playwriting, reading books will help you hone your skills.

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Below you will explore playwriting in detail and its types.


These type of plays mainly revolves around miserable and unfortunate experiences. According to Peter Salzano, Romeo Juliet is the best example of explaining a tragic play.


These types of plays are written by playwrights to represent and portray their past experience of antiquity. The dramas or story often involves kings or important figures from history.


This type of play involves humor, this is considered as the best type of plays to get more attention from the audience. However, only the playwright who is smart enough to play with the words and create a pun conquers this type of plays.

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This concept of musical play is widely popular among people. In the opinion of Peter Salzano, it is a form of dramatic production that combines acting, singing and dancing to depict a story.


The plays consist of two characters or maybe more that displays love and passion. It also involves mysterious events, and it can be a happy ending or sad. The play involves a storyline that is mysterious and adventurous.

The Above information by Peter Salzano will help you get great insights into playwriting and its types. This will assist the amateur writers in the beginning to write dramas and plays.