3 Playwriting Workouts for Better Skills By Peter Salzano

While many people think of writing as science, it is more of an art that requires creativity, thinking out of the box, and presentation. For many writers, improving writing skills is something that can be achieved by simply increasing the writing spree or making reading a routine habit. But for Peter J Salzano, an eminent playwright, playwriting is something that helps you represent and share a particular idea.

Peter Salzano - Playwright

Many times, in an attempt to present something in front of the audience, playwrights might dwindle in the way and lose track. Thus, Peter has jotted down 3 playwriting workouts that will help improve your playwriting skills.

Continue reading to know more about the top 3 playwriting exercises and activities for better playwriting skills.

  1. Practice different writing genres: There are various tools available online that beginners and even professionals can make use of for improving their playwriting skills. Switching between different genres and categories will help you become a more versatile and polished playwright.

  2. Edit fellow writers’ scripts: This is a great way of improving your playwright skills. You can ask fellow playwrights for their scripts and review them for mistakes. Communicating your point of view will enable you to improve your creative thinking.

  3. Be creative with the storyline: Thinking out of the box will help you polish your playwriting skills and enable you to explore new horizons. You can make the story-line very engaging and interactive by adding more creative excerpts to the write-up.
Peter Salzano - Playwright

According to Peter Salzano, a thoughtful and creative story-teller and playwright, improvising content for scripts and theater playwrights is also a great way of improving playwriting skills. Writers must keep in mind the message that they have to convey to the audience and then plan the script accordingly.

Including the above-mentioned playwright workouts will not only help budding writers enhance their skills, but will also aid in gaining a better understanding of the field.