Peter Salzano Talks About 5 Lies Playwrights Are Told & Why You Shouldn’t Believe Those

We live in a world where we have to figure out the difference between truth and lie on our own as it is a world full of myths and made up stories. Peter J Salzano, the famous playwright and book critic realized during the advent of his career that there were many false things he was told when he started his career as a playwright.

With time he came to know that this particular field of work is surrounded by much mythology. These lies have misguided many writers and continue to do so because of a lack of awareness and correct information.

Peter Salzano with an intention to guide the young playwrights throw some light on the most popular lies trending in the industry.

Peter Salzano - Playwright workshop

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Lie #1: You Must Learn The ‘Proper’ Formatting.

There is nothing like proper formatting. You don’t have to adhere to some mythically established standard. Not that you can send your play in Sharpie on gum papers but if your writing format is consistent, you will have a good career.

Lie #2: To Have a Career, You Must Live In New York

The city doesn’t decide on your career. You might not have the same level of visible opportunity as a playwright staying in New Your but there are plenty of regional productions that can help your career to take off.

Lie #3: Real Writers Write Every Day

Peter says,” I have no idea how people can believe that writing every day makes you successful. I have come across some award-winning playwrights with a great career and none of them write every day.” What matters is whenever you write, you should have your whole heart and mind in writing.

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Lie #4: New Plays Don’t Sell

You might have heard several times that new plays are harder to sell. But what no one has told you yet is that words spread faster than the fire in this industry and if your play is strong and new, the word would spread.

Lie #5: Nobody will produce your play if it has been produced before

Yes, it might be harder to get a second production of a play but if it is strong, it will definitely be produced again.

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