Peter Salzano – Books to Get You Started as a Playwright

Books are the best medium to learn and for playwrights, books are the best guiding light says Peter Salzano, a famous playwright. The best way to learn something new is to start from scratch and gain as much knowledge as possible.

We all have witnessed the importance of books in our life. Books can be a great companion and give us life lessons which we might not otherwise get.

Peter Salzano - Playwright

For playwrights, reading books should be an essential routine hobby for improving skills. Let’s take a look at the seven most popular books that playwrights can use to develop a better understanding and polish their knowledge about the field.

Here is the list of books shared by Peter for all you aspiring playwrights:

  • The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajor Egri
  • The Art and Craft of Playwriting by Jeffery Hatcher
  • The Architecture of Drama by Joe and Robin Stockdale,David Letwin
  • Technical Theater for Nontechnical People by Drew Cambell
  • An Actor Prepares by Constantin Stanislavski
  • Writing a Play by Steve Gooch
  • Composing Drama for Stage and Screen by Stanley Vincent Longman
  • The Playwrights Guidebook by Stuart Spencer
Peter Salzano - Playwright

According to Peter Salzano, every playwright must include reading the above-mentioned books in their time table. Books not online increase our span of knowledge but also have an impact on the skills.

With the help of books, young playwrights can experience an improvement in their career prospects respectively. Go through the enlisted books and become a versatile playwright.