Peter Salzano: Mistakes That Playwrights Should Avoid Doing

As an aspiring playwright or the playwright that has just started their career usually tends to make mistakes that could be easily avoided and as the audience, it is less in demand. Peter Salzano a renowned playwright suggests that as it is important for a playwright to follow the trend and only include elements that make the play interesting and avoid making attempts to stretch it long.

The majority of plays start off great, with nice sets, music, and lights, talented actors who are in some situation that is fascinating, and with extra efforts to make the play sound great you lose the audience engagement as a playwright.

Peter Salzano - Playwright

Here is some brief list of typical mistakes that, as per Peter new playwrights should avoid so that the young audience to enjoy the whole show:

Avoid involving shouting in every drama 

It is common in every play that two or more testosterone- actors spend a lot of time yelling at each other. This is a predictable scene about criminals, which often ends with the criminal dying in a hail of police gunfire. 

Making every drama to be very serious

This is again a common mistake that the young playwrights make thinking that if the play has a happy ending, then it’s not serious enough. The new playwrights need to break this stereotype thinking and come up with more positive and happy plays. Almost every play starts with a happy story and ends losing some main character. So elements like death, illness, suicide, madness, and hate elements should be avoided in the new plays. 

Social Activism in play form

A very common practice that the playwrights follow is fitting social activism in play form. You should avoid continuing this practice and come up with a new concept that even the young generation finds entertaining. Don’t create something just for a section of the society; create something that the majority of the audience can relate with.

Peter Salzano - Playwright

These are some common mistakes that the new playwrights can easily avoid and give a new direction to the plays by including elements that are youthful and attract the audience. Peter Salzano says it is time to leave behind the old format and that it was slow and too loud, as now the technology does the majority of the magic.