Peter Salzano: Playwriting Virtual Classes a New Trend

These days each one of us is trying something new and exciting to keep ourselves busy and creative during the pandemic situation, says Peter Salzano, a renowned playwright, and a motivational speaker. In the case of professions like theaters and playwright people have opted for digital platforms to connect and create content for the audience online.

As a professional playwright, many of you must be sharing your experience with the world and some may have been offering virtual classes to students and other aspiring playwrights.

Peter Salzano Playwright work

Due to the lockdown situation, there are many institutes that are approaching professionals like playwrights and other theater experts to conduct an interactive session with the students online. The concept of virtual classes and other options like live video chats have filled the life of playwrights like Peter Salzano with new opportunities and experiences.

These days there are many digital ways in which you can share your experience with the world and also polish your own skills.

Here are some ways listed by Peter Salzano in which you too can contribute and enjoy the learning and sharing process as a playwright: 

  • Virtual Classes

As mentioned before these days there are many institutes and colleges that are inviting playwrights to conduct an interactive session and training sessions with the students. If you as a playwright get an opportunity to do so, please do as your experience is learning for others. 

  • Create Your own Teaching Platform like on YouTube

Don’t limit yourself because of the lockdown situation, you as a playwright have an experience that many other aspiring playwrights crave for. Utilize your time effectively by exploring open platforms like YouTube where you can post video content and share your learning and tips with the world.

  • Collaborate and create a teaching content

Another interesting way to contribute as a playwright is by collaborating with e-learning platforms and providing content for them. Many e-learning platforms these days have started providing content for professions like playwriting and theater etc. You can collaborate with them based on your experience and knowledge and create content that helps others learn.

There is no limit for your talent so keep exploring and contributing. You can also try other social media platforms where you can create and post your video, blogs, or even go live on chat with the audience. This way you can engage with your followers, provide valuable learning content to the aspiring one, and utilize your time in the best way possible.

Peter Salzano - Playwright

Peter Salzano says, you never know what new as a playwright you explore while moving forward with the trend of virtual classes and other digital ways of entertainment. So keep exploring and keep adapting with the trends.