Useful Tips By Peter Salzano to Get Started in the Craft of Playwriting

Playwriting is a tremendous outlet for any writer’s talent as it not only sharpens the thought process but also boosts overall writing ability in numerous ways. Peter Salzano, an experienced & professional play writer, believes that the opening of a play must grab the audience’s attention, otherwise you could lose the battle before it begins.

If you’ve a dream to get your feet wet in the field of playwriting, then here are some important tips from Peter Salzano you must follow to become a successful playwriter.

Peter Salzano - Playwright

Read on to learn more about how to enter in this thriving and exciting industry.

Understand the basic aspects of theater

In order to get into the playwriting, try to involve yourself in all the facets of theater. Volunteer your services backstage, observe rehearsals, study how directors work. Doing so will help you understand the entire atmosphere and writing will come much more naturally when you sit down with a blank page. 

Thoroughly study the play texts

Conducting a deep research on the texts of plays as it will give you a keen sense of the correlation between a script and its stage rendering. Pay attention to the dialogue deliveries of artists, analyze how dialogue moves the story forward and illuminates character traits.   

Consider attending playwriting competitions

Attend the playwriting competitions as much as you can. Several theater companies, colleges and literary festivals sponsor annual playwriting contents. Participating in such competitions could give you a great shot at hitting the big time and help you improve your writing skills in the most effective manner.  

Focus on character development process

While writing the first page of your play, identify the cast member, overall on-stage settings, and scene that is going to unleash after the curtain rises. Keep your sets & scenes simple and focus on character development instead. Try to develop the characters in your story and include only essential elements that can ensure clarity in your play.

Peter Salzano Playwright Tips

Playwriting is not an easy task. In today’s era, the competition is fierce, and the market is tough. So, to emerge as a successful playwright, it’s necessary to understand the basics and follow some crucial steps that can help you make a mark in this competitive domain.

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