Peter Salzano: Learns For Content Marketers From Comedic Playwrights

Learning is a never-ending process especially when it comes to writers, they have a high scope of learning and implementing opportunities, says Peter Salzano, a renowned playwright.

Here we will talk more about the comedic playwrights that are a brilliant combination of drama and humor, with a creative mindset to come up with something different each time to build the interest of the audience/readers.

Whereas the content writers have a similar job to grab the attention of the audience and hold it till the end. Almost similar to comedic playwrights. Keeping these similarities in mind let‘s discuss some valuable points shared by Peter Salzano that a content marketer can consider from comedic playwrights.

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  • Make it Distinctive

The best part of Comedic playwrights is that they focus more on uniqueness so that each time the audience has something new to watch or read. The same is the case with content writing, that your audience will read your content only if it is unique and not reword of the already existing content on the internet.

Writing on the same topic is also not recommended, for example, if you are in the food industry you can write about technologies, startups, designs, etc. by not only focusing on how to start and the cost.

This practice is a part of comprehensive brand development. Freshness is one major key that you need to consider and target the present scenario/events as comedic playwrights do. Another unique way is to paint the old story and give it a fresh look.

  • Grab Their Attention

Like comedic playwrights, content marketers should also focus on grabbing the attention of the audience. Your first paragraph of the content should be interesting enough to make the reader understand what the blog/article is all about.

The comedic playwrights play with the emotions and grab the attention, use of humor is something that is required. Simple ads can do wonders all you need to do is know the product and the target audience at first before you start writing. It will make a difference. 

  • Don’t Send Your Script/ article out Immediately

Rewrite, rethink and revise is a popular concept for comedic playwrights, as once you read it again you may not like it and there can be a scope of improvement. Similar is the concept for the content writers, you should read your blog/article a day after when you have finished it. Reading it again on your own after a day or two will make you sure if it’s finished or if there is still a scope of improvement.


These are the basic takeaway points of a content marketer from the comedic playwright. It is not necessary to always follow a strict technique, to the point tone in content writing, sometimes good humor and a simple sentence can do the wonder, is what Peter Salzano feels.

How to make the content interesting? For this, you need to experiment with your writing and take a risk like comedic playwrights to put your writing to the test.