Peter Salzano: What are the Challenges Faced by a Playwright and Potential Solutions

Writing is not always about creativity but challenges that restrict your creativity as a writer says, Peter Salzano a renowned playwright, and a blogger. At the time you find it difficult to compete for what you are writing or do not feel satisfied with your final work all fall under challenges that are faced as a writer.

Until you as a writer is not satisfied with your final work, it is probably not your best work, says Peter Salzano. The reason can be your casual behaviour towards your work or challenges that can not be ignored like the directors or the producer’s guidelines.

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Moving on let’s discuss some of the common challenges faced by a playwright while working on an important piece of work:

  • Writer’s Block

Of course “writer’s block” is the common challenge faced by all writers, even if you have years of experience as a writer you will still have moments when you face writer’s block.

The best that you can do when you find it difficult to write is:

  • Take some rest, and do not compensate with your sleep, as you need a fresh mind to write. If you are sleep deprived it will become difficult for you to concentrate on writing.

  • Reading will help. You need the information to write and for that, you need to read. Even fiction needs ideas that can only be generated if you read something similar to what you are working on.

  • Take a break and don’t keep writing the whole day. A small tea break is required to regain the freshness to continue with your work.
  • Client’s Requirement

If you are hired to write for someone else, the challenge that you will face is the particular requirements of your client, restricting your creativity and ideas. Generally, clients do not go by your ideas, as they are not willing for any sudden change in their style of working.

In this kind of situation, you need to understand and agree with the terms and ideas before you decide to work for them:

  • Read and go through the requirements and evaluate yourself if you can deliver what is expected.

  • Many times you have to write a similar story that can turn out to be boring but you need to be prepared for that, as that is what your paid job expects from you.

  • Sit and interact with your client not just for a better understanding but also to share your ideas that might be appreciated by your client
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  • Other Challenges:


  • Lack of Ideas
  • Lack of confidence to work on something new
  • Too much competition
  • Low Writer pay
  • Overbearing Clients
  • Your Lifestyle
  • Emotional Breakdown
  • Isolation
  • Expression of words
  • Perfectionism

To overcome these challenges you need to work on yourself, as these challenges lead to self-doubt and frustration. To avoid such a situation you need to get engaged in activities other than writing that keep you calm and help you focus when you get back to work. Proper sleep, balanced diet and exercise will definitely help in achieving the physical and health-related challenges.

Whereas if you are facing challenges with coming up with new ideas then in that case, reading, discussion groups, or direct conversation with the director/ producer can help. For playwright suggestions always matter, say Peter Salzano. So never feel shy to ask for suggestions or help when stuck.

Moving on to client-related challenges, if the discussion is not working, then read through or watch the previous work of your client, or if possible ask for suggestions from current or former playwrights and team members. If the work keeps stressing you and there is no work satisfaction then it’s time to switch and look for something that makes you happy with the work you do.