Peter Salzano: Tips For Playwrights to Write on a Sensitive Topic

The most relatable stories that the audience can relate to and are curious to know more about real stories, especially the sensitive ones, is what Peter Salzano, a famous playwright feels.

But to present such sensitive topics or to write about such topics is not easy, as one wrong fact or word can put you in trouble. It is very important as a playwright to avoid such mistakes that can turn out to have a negative impact on what you have expected results.

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Here are a few tips shared by Peter Salzano for aspiring playwrights for writing on sensitive topics:

  • Start with in-depth research and cross-check your information

The first step is to read, research and interview the experts/suspects/ witness to know all the facts and the actual incident that took place. Cross-check your facts collected and read all related articles and interviews related to the story that you are focusing on.

  • Avoid Token Characters

Every named character in your story should serve a purpose, avoid addicting token characters just to extend the length of your story.

  • Avoid using the real names of the characters if your story is inspired by a real incident

This is an important piece of advice by Peter Salzano, that you should avoid revealing the real identity of the characters in your script as it can harm the real character’s privacy and other negative character’s family image. Reveal the identities only if you have written permission to do so.

  • Get a Sensitive Reader

Once you complete your script it’s time to edit. For this, you need a real critic. For example, if your story is based on a real event you should get your script reviews from the real character or his/her family for an honest review and suggestions.

  • If you are not sure, ask!

When writing on a sensitive topic there will be situations where you will be doubtful of the event or information. Do not assume and move further, instead verify and ask before you make it a part of your script.

Peter Salzano - Playwright

These are the five most important tips for writing on a sensitive topic that every playwright must consider. Bringing sensitive topics into the limelight with your talent is a great initiative but a responsible initiative, says Peter Salzano. One minor mistake can harm your image as well as harm the sentiments of the audience. So be careful while choosing such sensitive topics.