Peter Salzano: Do’s For a Playwright

“Rules and guidelines help us find the right direction while exploring our opportunities,” says Peter Salzano, a renowned playwright. What to do and what should be avoided is something that you understand with time. By then as a beginner, it is sensible to look for guidance and tips so that you can avoid the risk of failure and learn techniques to perfection from experts.

Similar is the case with aspiring playwrights, as they belong to a creative field with no defined boundaries. Following the tips and guidelines from the experts is the only way to give your talent the right direction.


Today, in this post Peter Salzano has shared tips that will help the aspiring playwrights identify the do’s to reach perfection in their field.


  • Focus on stories that people around you talk about. Creative ideas and good story topics can be easily spotted from what is happening around you.
  • Summarize your story in two to three lines and see if the summary defines your story. If not, your story needs improvement.
  • Get into the habit of writing, at least a page or two if you have time limitations as an aspiring playwright.
  • Keep the focus on the main character, don’t add multiple characters and their stories in the same play. Limited the characters as per the time of the play.
  • Read your play after a few days when it is ready to be shared, doing this after an interval gives you ideas to evaluate the script. 
Peter Salzano - improve-Public-Speaking-skills

As an aspiring playwright never try to copy the script or style of other playwrights is advice from Peter Salzano. He feels by presenting an already existing idea or plays with some twist is not a great way to get started. Original works and stays for years if presented correctly.

It is good to be inspired, but copying limits your creativity as a playwright. Soon, it will become a habit for you to get ideas from something that the audience is already familiar with.