Peter Salzano: Five Playwrights Young Actors Can Turn to For Monologues

Monologues are an important element for playwrights, but finding a quality monologue can be challenging at any age,” says Peter Salzano, a famous playwright and a blogger. It is a fact that the many interesting monologues are usually written by established dramatists and playwrights.

The evergreen monologues can be found within plays and one-acts. Keeping the challenge of finding a quality monologue here is a list of child actors shared by Peter Salzano that are known for their quality monologues:

Peter Salzano - improve-Public-Speaking-skills
  • Jonathan Dorf

With more than 40 published plays and a co-founder of YouthPLAYS, Jonathan Dorf is a well-established playwright. You can read his monologues for free on his website.

  • Tara Meddaugh

She is one of the best playwrights known for her comedic to dramatic monologues. You can read a few on her website.

  • Joseph Arnone

He created the Monologue Blogger, a website where you can find thousands of free monologues and plays written for teens and kids.

  • Don Zolidis

Don Zolidis is a famous playwright who has published more than 100 plays with a wide collection of published plays and monologues.

  • Indiana Kwong

Indiana Kong has worked in many stage productions and is a renowned actor and dramatist. She is known for her monologues for kids, teens and adults making her one of the top considerations of monologues.


There are more to the list of playwrights that you can consider for monologues for young actors. Peter Salzano says, “writing monologues is tough especially for kids, but what is more challenging is to maintain your worth as a monologue writer.”