Peter Salzano: 5 Best Blogging Apps Every Blogger should have!

Blogging is the best way to make money from the internet. But do you think it’s easy to become a blogger who actually makes money from the internet?

Yes, becoming a blogger is not a hard task but becoming a successful blogger is really hard due to a lot of competition. 

Peter Salzano is a famous blogger and has written various articles about different-different industries. Recently he wrote an article about how to get a blog post idea. You can click here to read this blog.

To beat the competition and become a successful blogger you need to be more active in your blogging communities.  In this blog, Peter Salzano is going to share some of the essential mobile apps that boost your productivity and can also be helpful to building a network with other blogging mates. 

Whether you are a newbie or a full-time professional blogger or a digital marketer it’s must you know about these apps and use them. Because these make your job easier as compared to a normal work routine. 

Let’s jump into the details:

Google Analytics

Best app for bloggers and digital marketers to track and report on your blog traffic. With this apps, bloggers can monitor website traffic, real-time traffic, session, bounce rate, funnel, etc.


Most popular and worthy app for bloggers. Bloggers can create text documentaries, web pages, images, and audio through this app and easily share them on their social networks. The main reason for using this app is you can use it as a digital notepad so you can write & capture the ideas any time whenever you want. 


Another best app for bloggers and marketers. It’s a must on their smartphone. This app helps to build traffic, network with other bloggers, and grow their audience.   


Canva is one of the best apps for bloggers, marketers as well as a graphic designers. It is handy to use and anyone, even a non-design person can use it.

A few other popular app that must in your smartphone:

  • Facebook Pages Manager

  • Grammarly

  • Twitter

  • Buffer

  • WhatsApp

  • Telegram

  • Pocket


There are many ways to succeed in blogging but the best way is to use your blogging time productively. These blogging apps help you to manage your blog, emails, and social profiles easily. 

I hope this article will help you. Peter has been in this industry for the last 10 plus years. He knows most bloggers leave their blogging careers within 2-3 months due to a lack of knowledge and patience. According to Peter, if a newbie makes a habit of using these apps on a regular basis then it’s more likely to get success in this industry.